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Zia~ Edit

Zia, the almighty Queen of the Pokefreaks, is one of the moderators on FreeWorldGroup. She is also known as the current Xenomorph queen of FWG, as well as being a self proclaimed anime goddess. She is well known for her knowledge in both pokemon and the Alien vs Predator universe, as well as knowing a good amount of things from various anime. If one wanted to find Zia, they would simply have to look for a user ranting on about anime characters or what pokemon she was currently using.

History Edit

PTD Chatbox Edit

Zia first came to FreeWorldGroup under the guise of Xeno back in the middle of 2012, roughly from June to August. She started off in the Pokemon TD room, after coming solely to the site for that game. She begun to use the chatbox to communicate with the other chatters who played the game, although she wasnt always a model chatter, she would occasionally be banned for rule breaking, however she learnt how to behave and begun to become a frequent chatter. Over time Zia would become a well known person in the chatbox, often with people asking and thanking her with help that she was both willing and happy to give.

After proving her worth in the game of Pokemon tower defence, Zia begun to make friends with many of the chatters, such as Azurblue, Segomac, Vinayak, Mewtwo Power, Kitanya, Meteor Eldrago and Rono as well as many others. The friends made a tightly knit gang in the chat and would often trade each other pokemon and help each other out as well as chatting about everyday things. However it was not all fun and games, for Zia was beginning to get bored with the game, and begun to seek other means of finding entertainment. This however was soon fixed as Pokemon Tower Defence 2 came into being. Zia like all the Pokefreaks around her was immensely excited, however it was not long to last, after gaining a few shinies and becoming rather bored with the game, Zia gave it up only collecting few other pokemon before she lost motivation to play altogether. It was around that time that Zia had transitioned to explore room 1, more commonly known as the Asylum.

The Asylum Edit

Zia had weaved in and out of the Asylum a few times while she was still a noob before becoming accustomed to the room and partaking in actual conversation, after meeting most of the usual chatters she begun to chat with them more and more. Soon Zia was making friends left right and centre with both mods and regular chatters. it was at this time that she made her forum account and become to feel like a member of the community of chatters.

The Asylum nowadays is like home to Zia, for its where she spends most her time, ranting on about anime/pokemon or any other things that heavily interest her.

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