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Position Registered User
Alias(es) McShadyStar, Shadow, Shad, Star
Active? Yes
Forum Rank (Custom) I Shall Eatz You
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Shadowstar1922 (commonly known as Shadow or Kyle) is a registered user on FWG. While he was playing Leon Wars, he accidentally clicked on the FWG logo. This caused him to join chat in December of 2010 under different names such as Cloudstar and Darkstar, finalizing his name as the one he has now. He joined the forums much later. Some friends he has made are Boxy, Kitanya, Bob, Zia, Percyception, and Alice. Shadow enjoys listening to music, writing literature, hanging with friends, and debating on the Serious Discussion forum. Shadow also runs a history lesson at a youth program within his city and owns a youtube channel called MySacredShadow that has not been updated in a while.