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Position Registered User
Alias(es) Rainshard500, TheRainShard, Pointy rain person, animal guy, Rain, Rainy, Shardy
Active? Yes
Forum Rank FWG God
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About Edit

Rainshard is an active user of the FWG Forum and Chat box. He visits regularly but does suffer from periods of prolonged inactivity. He loves playing video games, reading, being random and socializing with friends. He once caused trouble with many other users but has "matured" since he joined the site. He considers himself a British-born South African. 

History Edit

Rainshard discovered FWG in the summer of 2009 due to the flash games he enjoyed to play. As he was playing Bowman he noticed the Chat Box and he felt obliged to join the wacky conversation taking place, taking the persona of the unregistered user "Animal Guy". Over the course of the next two years, his name changed many times. He became obsessed with the sites Role Play rooms.

In 2011, Rainshard returned to the chat and met a new cast of people, including Beana and Shadowstar. Rainshard argued for the next month with mods and users alike over the state of his Role Play "powers" and was referred to the Forum. He officially joined the forum on the 29th August 2011.

On 13th June 2015 Rainshard became a chat mod for the FWG community.