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Alias(es) Kit Kat, Avery, Kitty, Kit
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About Edit

Kitanya is a user on FreeWorldGroup. She likes to draw for people. She often streams herself drawing. Her best friend on the FreeWorldGroup is Boxy; the two of them are very close and because of this, they have developed a similar syntax. Kitanya enjoys Animal Crossing, her favourite character being Marshal.

History Edit

The Asylum

Instead of finding FWG she accidentally came across it while playing a game with her real life friend. Due to her past in another chatbox she decided to rejoin a different one and make new friends again. This worked successfully, and she has developed close bonds with people such as Potato, Zia, etc. She had made a forum account but was inactive on the forums since she decided to not contribute.

PTD Chatbox

Kitanya had joined the PTD Chatbox because she shared a great interest in Pokemon, and played with other players on Pokemon Tower Defense. Eventually, she came across people such as Izaya, Segomac, and especially Zia who was marked as the Queen of Pokefreaks. Because of their bond, they have developed a similar friendship. They would later exchange Pokemon. Kitanya would also be there for certain events such as giveaways in the game. It wasn't before long that to her dismay, PTD had been removed from FWG. This caused her to stop playing and only spend her time at The Asylum. She still checks up on it from time to time, although it has been made for hire.