I Change My Name A Lot
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Position On its side...oh, wait, THAT position. Supreme Overlord of the baby ocelots. Also, registered user.
Alias(es) ICAMENAL, NALA, ica, camel, some sort of butchering of its name that's untypable and definitely wasn't Foopoo's fault, iCAMEL (coming in stores near you) (also Foopoo's fault), Supreme Overlord of Baby Ocelots
Active? Yes.
Forum Rank FWG General
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Ironically, this socially awkward orangutan doesn't change its name a lot, because that would be breaking the fwig chat rules. Otherwise, it would change its name a lot. Or is that irony? Its only other known alias is ICAMENAL and NALA, though fwiggers have different nicknames for it. The most frequent are Ica, iCamel, Camenal, and Lanemaci. When asked about its alias, it replied, "It's an acronym for 'I Change My Name A Lot', with a lot of letters added to make it pronounable."

It's one of the many step-brothers of the former fwiggers whose primary usernames were Stupid and Ahem...., though other people knew Stupid as Nobody the Orangutan or Nobody the Loyalist. Its background is mostly the same as their background was. It's known for carrying on the traditions that Stupid and Ahem... left behind, even going so far as to change its IP address to Ahem...'s. It joined fwig because its step-sister, who is shared with Stupid and Ahem..., said that it needed a social life. It said, "Apparently, her version of a social life is talking to people on the interwebs, instead of talking with people in real life. But that's cool."

It's adopted LOLOLOL. Actually, it's currently in the foster care system, explaining its long periods of absence without leave. Purely by coincidence, its current foster parents are next-door neighbors to Ahem....

As mentioned before, it's socially awkward and often doesn't know how to express its emotions. This results in it losing all the friends it gains.

It's known for being a stalker. It's very quiet in the chat, though more talkative in the summer. It's also more talkative on the forums.

It is a weird mix of well, weirdness, randomness, and


"I'm not a hacker, I'm a stalker." -I Change My Name A Lot, never.


Traditions that it carries on include:

Conviction that it is an orangutan

Obsession over ocelots

Changing "hmm"s into "mmh"s

Changing Frook's "eeek"s into "oook"s


2005: Started playing games

2013: Started reading chat and forum

2014: Received list of traditions to carry on

2015: First appearance in chat

February 28, 2015: Made forum account


It's gender is unknown, but most people think it's a male.

It's secretly a grammar Nazi, though it is not an grammar activist like the fwigger known as Boxy.

It has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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None. Popular and Icamenal are oxymoronic towards each other.