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General Chat is the place where all of the threads that don't fit into a certain category, like Serious Discussion, go. It's the most popular, bustling forum and certainly has variety. The first available thread on General Chat is from October 20th, 2009, and it is about Anti-Malware. It was posted by Roi. General Chat has one Subforum, Anime Freaks.

Anime Freaks Edit


Anime Freaks is a subforum of General Chat that was added in August 2013. The earliest thread is from August 22nd, 2013, and was posted by ILikeAwesomeSauce. It was added due to anime discussion flooding the General Chat, and is, quite obviously, for anime discussion.

Memes SubforumEdit

General chat once had a subforum for internet memes but due to its long term inactivity it was removed.