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Fuipui is a user that is known for Roll to Dodge, a role-playing kind of game on the forums, and for starting this very wiki.

Confucius says:

'Foopz is love, Foops is lyf'


Previous profile picture, used most of 2014. Made by Boxy.

Confucius was not wrong. When a young Foop joined the beautiful world of FWG in 2010 or how he has called it-'a place full of magic, wonders and love', none of the other users had quite the idea of what awesomeness he was capable of. Jokes, we totally knew, because we're all awesome here hell yeah. To go back in time to the early days of Foop, here is a snippet of one of his many inspirational quotes:


Previous profile picture. ~2012. Commonly referenced. Obviously Pedobear.

'People think im a stalker. I just appear right behind them... i just appear, say "OH YEAH!" into their ear, and goto tie my shoe. they never see me! its hilarious. anyways, I sometimes just gather info on people. get to know them like i know ...'

This may seem strange to external people, but slightly creepy qualities are characteristic of FWG users. Speaking of characteristics, let's talk about Foop's.

An ordinary Foop can be characterised by:

-An overwhelming, if not slightly worrying, obsession with The Perks of Being a Wallflower star, Emma Watson. Or as according to Foop, 'the bae'. Due to her enthralling good looks and irresistible charm, Foop is enamoured with her and any slight mention of her sends him into fits of love induced hysteria.

-'Skree'. I can't recall why this characterises Foop, except an image of a somewhat badly drawn Velociraptor comes into mind. Oh yeah, a green (probably green for mod) Velociraptor.

-Extreme affection. Foop has a habit of spattering bby and hearts everywhere, making him all the more loveable to other users. Although this has a somewhat of an adverse effect on other more conservative users who are not used to affection, they just have to deal with it because he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

-Enthusiasm. A pioneer in innovative ideas (such as this one), Foop has a certain panache for leading projects that nobody else has the motivation to do. Needless to say, Foop cannot be called lazy. I'm tired so I'll carry on editing tomorrow k mebbe