Earliest screenshot of the FreeWorldGroup homepage.


The current FWG Logo.

About Edit

FreeWorldGroup was started in 2003 as a family friendly site for playing online games. This page is here to show how the site has evolved over the years.

History Edit

FreeWorldGroup existed in a few forums for a while before 2003, but not as a site dedicated to games. Eventually, in 2003, the admin, Mr. Orange, started the website for playing family friendly games. In the early 2000s, there was a chatbox, but it was removed soon after it was added because it got out of control. However, later on, in 2007-2008, a chat box was added yet again, this time with management.


FWG as of October 2014.

The forum was added on August 27, 2009. During the time the chat box and forum were added, there was a huge community growth. In 2006, the site started making its own games. Before that, it paid others for games.


  • The very first logo, from around March 2003.
  • A logo from around May 2003.
  • A logo from around February 2004.
  • A logo from around December 2004.
  • A logo from around February 2005.
  • The current logo, in use since April 2008.