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Lukia's current forum avatar.
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Position Registered User
Alias(es) Lukia, Lukia9999. Death, Kidd, DTK, Dark
Active? Yes
Forum Rank FWG God
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Death_The_Kidd, also known as Lukia, is a user on FWG. Although he can be a bunch of trouble, he does not hesitate to stand up for himself. He likes to draw in the concept of art. He likes to imagine short stories in his head, reading, playing games, watching television, etc. Some of the few friends he has made is Chaos Light, Percyception, Tycoon Witch, Mattias, Zia, and Kitanya. He is treated as a little brother from Zia, and can be nerve-wrecking at times. All in all, he's a fun person to be around with.

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