Community Managers Edit

Community Managers are people on FWG that manage the community. They have the power to help out with any issues a moderator cannot address or fix, and are truly helpful to the benefit of the site. Every one of them works in their own unique ways and knows how to provide a good time for everyone. There are five of them and they are listed below along with the parts of text Frook has added to their short information.

J3rdegree Edit

Otherwise known as Jerrrrrrrrr, has been with FWG for more years than he has fingers. He's a tech wiz and can fix anything with a hammer.

Excalibur Edit

Otherwise known as Burr Burr, Ex has been around FWG for a long time and knows the ins and outs of our fair site, especially with the tech stuff.

mmm Edit

Otherwise known as Triple M, is an all ROUND fwger expert. He can handle most things and doesn't need a hammer to fix things.

Sylvia Edit

This duck from across the pond is no stranger to the inner-workings of FWG. Let her know what needs to be solved and she can take care of it!


Mops away all your troubles. Someone who is always here to fix things, the moppy way.

Forum Edit

Talking Edit

In order to talk to a CM, you can use the PM system or talk to them in the chatbox. The Community Managers have a life outside of FWG too, so they are mostly hard to spot in the chat. Excalibur and Mmm currently appear to be the community managers that have shown up the most, but everyone has their own things to deal with, and even the most active CMs won't be there all the time--be patient!