Chaos Light Edit

Chaos Light
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Position Registered User
Alias(es) Gearsaw, Apollo, Trashy, Khaoz, Trash Man
Active? Yes
Forum Rank FWG God
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Chaos Light, also known as Trash Man, is a user that chats and role plays on FWG. He is friendly and outgoing and is easy to befriend. He has developed bonds with some of his close friends. One of his favorite things to do in the meantime is to draw several pictures, but has not been seen releasing them to the public. Trash also likes to watch television, with his favorite show being the Spongebob series. Some people who dislike him will relate to him as a trash can, but he takes no particular offense to it.

History Edit

The Asylum

Trash joined the chat in the year 2010, and made his first appearance in The Asylum. Trash did act like a noob at first, but later matured throughout the months. Some of the first few people Trash has made friends of are people who used to chat on FWG, but have later left the site. Trash joined the forums on November 4th, 2012 and has contributed ever since.