About Edit

The users of FWG, from the red to the blue.

Unregistered Users Edit

These users don't have registered names in the chatbox, and their usernames show up as a light blue color. Depending on the situation of moderators and the community, sometimes these users are unable to talk in the chatbox without registering their username.

Registered Users Edit

These users are registered with a password in the chatbox. They always have the right to talk in the chatbox, unless banned of course. These users have a dark blue coloring to their name.

Moderators Edit

Moderators are members of the community that have shown great leadership and have not been trouble to the community as a registered user. These users have the powers to delete inappropriate messages in the chatbox and are able to ban a user when that user breaks the rules. These users have a green color to their name.

Administrators Edit

There are only a few of these, and you rarely see them in their black usernames. These are the ones who create the moderators and control the chat overall. Community managers and FWG Leader are the only users with this title. These users have a black color to their name.

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